Creating your first post

[toggle title=”Creating a Manual Property Listing”]

In the left column of wp-admin, click on the “Custom Listings” header, then click “Add New Listing”. You are brought to a Custom Post Type which is new in WP 3.0.

Manually created Listing posts can get displayed in the Slideshow. In fact if you want something in the Slideshow, you need to create a property Listing manually. You don’t have to display this listing in the Slideshow. If you opt “out” of the Slideshow, this listing can still be shown by clicking on the “Show Non-MLS Listings” link in the search box.

Of course you’re using the dsIDXpress plugin version of this theme because you don’t want to manually post Listings. But you must post listings for items that will show up in the slideshow.

Title and body

First create your post “Title”. This can be anything you want that will describe the listing. It could the the listing “address”, or any other unique thing to describe the property.

Next, in the body of the post, enter all your descriptive text. It can be as long as you like. You don’t necessarily need to include the details like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. because they will be entered separately later on. On the Listing page, all those details will appear in a list to the right of the images.

All the other information

Just fill in the textboxes for the rest. If your listing IS in the MLS then much of the entry will not be needed. If it is NOT in the MLS, then you will need to fill out all the sections.


Don’t forget to click the Publish button when you’re done.


[toggle title=”Creating a news/blog post”]

Creating a regular news/blog/whatever post couldn’t be simpler. Simply add a new “Post”. Type in a title and body text.

Setting a Featured Image

You can have a “Featured Image” for your posts. This image will show up as a small thumbnail or full width image depending on the page view. The image is added with WordPress’ “Featured Image” feature. Click “Set featured image”, and the rest is self explanatory.

The last step is putting your post in the correct category. In the Categories section, put your post in your desired category (i.e. Blog, News, or even both!) Then click on the Publish button.